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CEO's Message on Company's Activities during Corona Crisis

In the name of God

Greetings and Regards

Today we are writing to you while our hearts and minds are with all those who have been affected by the coronavirus. Also for all those who are helping to protect our society and improve the sick and have given their lives for this issue.

Our goal in Pendar Kooshk Imen co., in addition to protect all employees and shareholders, and fight the spread of the virus, is to provide uninterrupted service to our customers whole around the country as usual. Since the spread of corona virus, Pendar Kooshk Imen was following the situation and communicating the authorities to adapt the projects of the customers with this condition according to the situation in all provinces whole around the country, in order to can pass through this type of complicated situation with honor.

In the business of digital trust and reliability of electronic documents and operations, Pendar Kooshk Imen Company is constantly analyzing the impact of corona transmission chain on business processes such as delivery of products and services to customers, smooth and dynamic implementation of production and engineering processes and also to buy products and services of the suppliers. Therefore, considering the urgent and extraordinary conditions caused by the outbreak of Corona virus and the subsequent threats, by increasing the safe access capacity to the company's network resources, a telecommuting policy has been adopted for employees so that members of the Pendar family can defeat this virus. It should be noted that in order to ensure the health and well-being of the company's staff, including residents, non-residents and other stakeholders, safety procedures and health measures have been implemented in all work and related sites and in areas at risk of viruses. and these security actions are being updated and strengthened in accordance with the changes of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

The technical concerns and support requirements of each customer are perfectly understandable to us, and therefore, for the convenience of customers, the management team of each project; In order to respond to any concerns, will remain in constant contact with the employer's representative in the projects. We are all partners in this situation and will stay together. Until these challenging days are over, we must all work to protect employees, families, and our community by following the guidelines.

We wish good health and prosperity to all Iranians, and thank you for your trust, dear customers, to Pendar Koushak Iman Co.

Shahin Norouzi-CEO of Pendar kooshk Imen

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