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Units 7 &9. Commercial Official Tower Number 37. Dr. Fatemi Street. Valiasr Street. Tehran. Iran

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Pendar Kooshk Imen

 It is now more than 4 years as of establishment date of Pendar Kooshk Imen Company. We can now proudly announce that our own specialists and expert people have fully manufactured all PKI related products with their own diligence and strong determination and have introduced new products and numerous innovations to the market. From the very beginning, the mission of Pendar Kooshk Imen Company was to be powerfully and professionally active in PKI expertise arena.


  pendar kooshk imen  


Manufacturing PKI-related products, innovation, hardworking and diligence in overcoming technical issues, commercializing the inventions and responding the market demand are among the most significant objectives achieved in the company. Implementation of several national projects is the witness of such a concrete determination of our great men.

Our customers are our capitals and we are proud of passing by a very long way of market development and meeting our customer’s needs in a very noticeable short time. The reason for our competitive advantage in this very professional business are because of having a priceless experience in PKI expertise arena, lots of innovations in product manufacturing and the trust of our customers to our products, to name a few.

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